Monday, August 29, 2005

This land is my land.

What we as a country have lost being comforted in the freedom and liberties we experience. Passion, where is the passion? When our forefathers died in the 100dreds of thousands during the wars and struggles to make this country what it is today, we should be thankful. We should not waver in the fight for freedom, because freedom from dictated religions, from persecution, from violation of human rights that we value is not something every nation values. We as a people need to be involved in the struggles abroad. We must not waver from the struggles other nations face. Changing a culture is difficult, and takes a lot of time and patience. This is something George Bush at least has the vision to carry on in other parts of the world. Our nation needs to have a stronghold in the Middle East. Even if that means we use Iraq to bring it. Meanwhile we will lose a few good men. It’s not like we don’t lose many people as it is in accidents, national disasters, etc. Why not risk our Military might on creating a pathway for freedom for Democracy. Why not destroy extremism in other nations even, and give loving, thinking people some hope of life.

Sure it hurts to lose a loved one in war, but imagine the loss if we just gave up. Why do we want to make those lost lives null and void. What character does that say about our country? Where did our resolve and fight go? It went to complacency. We are use to the freedoms we have, and being use to them we have become complacent. The human condition creates a want of freedom and wants for human fairness. But we don’t want to pay the types of prices we use to pay for them.

What do you think that China or any country thinks about us? It is better for them to be afraid of us, than think anything else. Because as soon as there is complacency in the US, we like the Romans, like the Greeks will be conquered. And then where will we be?

Nations have to know that we don’t take crap from other nations without huge consequences. Vietnam didn’t tell anyone much of anything about US power. The war on Iraq did. They called us out, they lost. And if we pull out, the trust of how other nations see us taking care of business will be a big black eye for America.

And I say the people that can’t handle it, get the fuck out of my country. Because, you have no right to jeopardize my father’s land and country.




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