Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel is no France

First I want to say good shooting for all of those in Israel. You do have to impose force with equal or more force to get the monkey off your back.

France just cowers to threats and conflict. The more France does this, the more they will just get stepped on in the ages to come.

If your going to pick on the little guy on the Block, the little guy is going to come back and wallop you but good. And the bigger guy is going to learn, don't mess with the little guy.

That is a good example of what Israel has to do, to make it clear to the other opposing countries, this isn't going to stop, until you get your shit together.

Iran backs down to help Syria, because they don't want the little guy to start bombing their cities. And of course America will always back Israel, we have our feet too politically planted to step away from a fight when it comes to defending their sovereignty. Israel interests are close to the same as Americas. And we do good business with that country, not to mention there is a significant portion of the stock market that is involved with Israel.

So there you go folks, these backwards countries are either going to back down, or be assimilated.


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