Friday, November 03, 2006

Jeez don't let other people do your thinking!

A fundy friend spoke with me today about if God is light, could he swallow a blackhole where light can't escape.

I was thinking about that for a bit, and I have to say reason it out for yourself.
God is light is a metaphor anyway right, doesn't it mean God is the way, or truth, or good moral values. Well even if the God of the Bible doesn't have good moral values, the concept of God that I would think about would have to have good morals. So for one, the God of the Bible is out I MEAN OUT. Just read the Bible, what a load of crap!

Besides don't we today see the Bible pick and choose our way through it, and so on anyway. I mean"Letter to a Christian Nation" by Sam Harris makes the Biblical God as NULL an no brainer.
Look at the New Testament and how the authors expect us to keep slaves. "Don't beat your slaves so as to knock out their teeth or eyes." I mean if you did that, you may as well as kill IT. No use is a slave without teeth or eyes.

The other thing I wanted to say is that light is so fragile, that why would you say "God is Light". That is worse than saying God is wind. I mean wind has substance. Look at Katrina!

Oh by the way, Katrina was a Natural disaster. Happens all the time on this planet. God ain't got nothing to do with killing women and children. (Well that is what happened when Katrina hit.)

Whether God exists or NOT doesnt' matter to me. I look inward for moral guidance. Most just do what their Rabbi says. You know, like those Muslim doohickies.

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