Saturday, November 11, 2006

A reason I left the Christian Faith.

Man made God in his own image. If you look and read the bible from that perspective, it makes a lot more sense by itself. Now take the concept of God. Each and every one of us thinks about God, and those thoughts are not compatible with each other in all cases. And where the compatibilities are different is apparent in the diversity of Church flavor whether it be in denominations or non-denominations. So no one person could ever think about the one true God, even if you identify it as the Being who gave moses the tablets, there really isn't much more to be said. There is no real definition, and even when we try to reason God, it becomes unreasonable. And all of this in me, creates cognitive dissidence.
I cannot live healthily with a belief that does not fit real world solutions. A belief where if I have faith that the Stove really isn't hot when I touch it while it is on, and you get burned, I have to re-evaluate my faith.


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