Friday, July 29, 2005

Combating bad religion

A Muslim leader said that bad theology is being combated with good theology. If you have ever heard of an oxy moron, combating theology with theology is a great example. Well how about combating theology itself with things like logic and reason. What about using tools of thought and science to combat bad religion?

Faith, is now and always will be the enemy of honest people who just want to live their lives in peace. Faith in authority without the ability to discern right from wrong in a logical and reasonable way, will always be a threat to human rights. There is no argument that gives faith validity or leverage that makes sense. There is no “good faith” and no “good interpretation” of any religion, Christian or Muslim.

We have freedom of religion in this country, to a point. We also have freedom of entertainment. Religion without being taught the ability to reason, and use good sense in the real world is dangerous. Religion that looks to authority for guidance is DANGEROUS. People need to be taught how to think for themselves, and make decisions that are practical and free from depending on authority for thinking for them. The only way the Muslim religion will survive in America is if their followers are educated and taught that their values are not driven from authority, but driven from finding peaceful loving outlets that are derived from being simply humble.

The only way Americans are going to combat the “bad” Muslims is to infiltrate their ranks, and take out the leaders of bad teachings early. This may seem to be a cruel way to handle a problem, but there really is no other solution.