Saturday, April 22, 2006

War with Iran

This conflict with Iran was forseen and has been in planning for the last 5 years. We don't tell you, but this is one of the reasons we are in Iraq. Its next to Iran. The US has a perfect launching off point to take out Iran and this will happen.

The reason we can't allow Iran to have a nuke is simply because they will use it against Israel. The US and the rest of the civilized world is deeply financially entrinched with Israel and the companies that Israel has on the NYSE. Even if it is to mean we hit them with deep earth nukes for the next ten years, until Iran becomes a democratic nation and becomes recognized as a civilized nation, they will be policed.

I hope we don't have an all out war with Iran, but if that is the course the Government feels they should take, we need to be 100% behind them. Because we can't afford to lose Israel. Losing Israel will throw this nation in serious hurt financially, and in retaliation we will wipe Iran off the map which is another thing we don't want.

So what do we do? What we are doing now, try to negotiate ang blow them up from time to time.