Tuesday, April 12, 2011

accuracy in language is crucial

Mostly when we talk around religion and religious ideas, the many arguments that arise are due to the inaccuracy of our meanings in the definitions we use sometimes carelessly in our language.

It is important to be accurate to bring beneficial meaning to the lessons we try to convey. It is important because otherwise our conversation is not like minded, and can be adversarial through misunderstanding the lesson.

Being truthful in our mind and our thought gives us honor. Without that semblance of truth, we may see ourselves as less and as we are alive we have a duty to be honorable with our belief system. It does no one a good service to dishonor ourselves with lying about what we believe for any reason. Even if the reason is compassionate. How can I say something like "I believe in God" when I only believe in the idea of God?

Where would my honor be if I said that?
Where would you're honor be?