Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Is Christianity bad?

I am going to start with a premise. And the premise is that moderate Christianity is bad.
Why you ask should I say this. What does modern Christianity do that is bad.
It is passive. It doesn't harm anyone. They keep to themselves affirming their faith together twice or once a week, hurting no one. What is it that is bad?

It is bad because it shows disrespect for basic human thought. You see faith is easy. There is no reason for faith, no thought, no accountability, no human kindness, empty, and we call this good.
We call it good because we can then not be required to be accountable for our life. We can gather and believe things on faith, all the while agree silently about our bigotry, our racism, our fake love for one another by isolating others who are unable to compartmentalize this part of our lives.

It is bad because it promotes a lie. It gives us the excuse to not think, not reason, not love others equally, and lie completely about the history and harm we have caused over the years for entertaining these thoughts benignly. For witnessing to others that it is good we live in this way and set examples that others should live this way because we think faith is good.

I no longer think that modern Christianity is actively malicious. I mean, if we are standing in a stream flowing with drowning people and we pray, how is that at all malicious? We stand their singing joy oh joy we love our lord, these dying people will see you soon and it is good.

Is that bad?

Lying about the past. When I was in the air force, they taught us the past is done, move on toward future goals and leave it. They didn't say lie about it, they said be constructive, be real, and strive to do right in the future.

How do Christians lie about the past. What harm has Christianity done to people of other cultures in Africa, China or India to cause harm? Does feeding hungry people because they are hungry cause harm.   I don't pretend to be an expert on this topic, but I have heard that some of these things ultimately has caused irreversible damage to human pockets by trying to be "good". In many ways the art of Christianity is denying the harm caused in the past, and believing in faith which is said to be good by Christians. Proselytizing this belief system to weak people is not a cause for concern?

If any of it had one ounce of being real, there would be no need of the Sunday service. Yes they call it a service, like filling up with gas from service station. Without it, faith would die, and the real work, the work of reason can deliver us from evil.

I am hear to talk to you not about how we can use our anger about these things to run up directly against Christianity in all it's forms, but how we can use that anger, that energy to motivate constructively with our talent, out talent of reason, our talent of logic, our talent of art, our music, our paintings, our poetry and of course our love of others. The love of accountability, the love of saying we are only human and no God will ever change that fact, nor will a belief in God really heal us from the damage faith does to ourselves.

Moving forward, how can we logical thinkers give our premise of love to the world? By using our talents whatever they may be to share science, to teach how to love without bigotry, without faith, and give us all confidence in things that are of real value.



Wednesday, March 09, 2016

When belief systems obliterate and anger must be quelled.

I was recently at a funeral where I now realize the truth of my beliefs can never converge with a Christian parsec. Listening to a minister say things that Christians may want to hear, but when the two primary mourners are atheists, it did little to service myself and felt disrespectful even while it was the wishes of the Christian that died for which she had no concept of what it means to be a non believer. I have found out more about myself that day than many previous days. I have found that I have no respect for Christian beliefs because Christian believers have no respect for non believers.

I realize that the service spoke to many there in touching ways and I hope they received their fill in their belief of the God fantasy which was given onto them. I however am happy to have went only for the companionship in others recognizing a great life once lived in service to others for in many ways did not contain Christian context, but true secular ones.

I remember as a child that I was taught miracles in the Bible that we are suppose to believe in just stopped happening. But as a man of 24 after a sincere search of a Christian faith, I mourned my faith and embraced reason. Ever since that day I have witnessed to people the truth with love that Christianity is not a benevolent belief system, nor is it one of integrity. The Christian culture will curve toward zero over time. The asymptote curve to zero will become the norm.

What the Christian religion does do for us is allow many to recognize that faith can have devastating consequences for example: 911.

Meanwhile my hero's are Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Hitchens and George H Smith who brought reason close to my heart.

Thank you all for coming to visit with me, and I hope this letter in some ways speaks to you. Certain things should be forgotten, others can be remembered fondly. I wish everyone to take a peace of their heart in service to others being generous, being kind, finding understanding, being at peace with themselves.

With all my respect,

the foxjazz.