Wednesday, February 01, 2006


After reading this link Katrina it dawns on me how much people love to point fingers and publish crap.
Homeland security is not "natural disaster security" The Federal Gov has never meant to be used for fixing Natural Disaster's. It is the State's responsiblity to correct these issues and to have plans and follow them. But nowhere does it say that the failure of Louisiana to fix these problems and no one blames Louisiana.

Since the birth of this country, it has always been the State's job to take care of the state. And the Goverments Job to use an Army to protect the states from Man made wars.

It is truely sad that the media, and the fingerpointing that goes on which is totally NOT the responsibility of the Fed Gov. And I don't want to pay taxes enough for the Fed to be held responsible.

It is the Fault of a corrupt Louisianna government that let their system of land be damaged. It is louisianna's fault 100% for allowing their citizens to live below sea level when they didn't have the land or system built to prevent the flooding to occur in the first place.

It may be a terrible thing that happened, but pointing fingers and saying its our Gov's fault for failing, is the worst kind of heresy I have seen in my lifetime.