Sunday, April 12, 2015

To family and friends to know where I stand. I am an atheist, and that is beautiful.

To my fellow like minded in world view. My fb posts wouldn't be mostly about religion if I didn't care about the people in my life that have religion, or say they have. Not going into particulars here.

The reason I care what my friends or family belief or promote is because they don't really know religion. I was one of those Sunday / Wednesday religious believers myself once upon a time. It takes time and a real education to figure out that it is not good for the soul to be a liar. That is the game of religion, faith presented as truth which is objectively a lie. Anyone that has mediocre interest in understanding where I come from has the ability to read and investigate the phenomena for themselves. I for one am discouraged to find that even at the ages for whom I am talking about, many of my family have not progressed, but have digressed and accepted the status quo as if to say, that's ok.

Well I will always at every opportunity, and in every way speak out against such nonsensical beliefs at every turn. Not because I enjoy doing so, but because it is the right thing to do. No, I don't believe everything is black and white, but I do believe certain things are black and of those things, Christianity stands out as a smite on the world view of the people I care about.

I am certain many in my family or friends don't comment on such things because their belief is that it's harmless and nothing negative needs to be said about what others believe because it's a free country and you should believe what ever you want. It is a free country I agree, but I also think right is right, and wrong is wrong. Voting with your religion is worse than voting with your objective reasoning. Those two aren't the same and if you think they are, then maybe go back to college and get a real education, because the one you have isn't worth two cents.

All of that said, non one says it better than NDT (the new fourth horseman in my book).