Sunday, October 15, 2006

Neihbors ehh...

As most of you know, I am really just against faith of any sort. It is more detrimental to humankind than beneficial, and faith helps no one, it answers no one, and is also on the fringes of total dishonesty because it is used as platitudes to explain away problems.

It is too bad many of us humans are simply not equipped to deal with life and reality with integrity. Yes faith and the use of faith where it is convenient is a way we have with avoiding answers that should be given truthfully instead. Its a way of disguising our feelings even from ourselves because we are too afraid to voice them out loud.

I was telling a neighbor about a book by Sam Harris "the end of Faith" and she retorted, Oh we are Christian, "like that information wouldn't be edifying to their lifestyle". So ignoring it was a good thing. Modern day mediocre Christians, really seem to have no passion for what they believe (or say they believe to appease others). I have no problem with the truth, with facts. I understand that our lifespan is a short time on this earth, and it isn't a problem that when its over, others will have to take up our ideas and strive to bring integrity up to the front as a value.

Good night, and good luck.

IPod scam

Thank bejeeezus I didn't get an Ipod. I went with creativelabs instead
Apples IPOD is proprietary and songs downloaded from sites like or
other sources will not play on the IPod. I never liked Apples smug proprietary systems anyway,
and am very glad I didn't MOO along with the hype that sooo many others were just taken along
for a ride.